Threshold of Pain

by Arch-Vile

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Dave P
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Dave P Really catchy and fun yet technically intricate and progressive death/thrash metal. This band clearly puts a lot of work into crafting their sound and more specifically into weaving in technical nuances like polyrhythms and key/time changes without a casual listener noticing at all. The riffs are legitimately catchy and the mix is interestingly balanced; you can hear all of the bass's harmonies seomwhat-unconventionally complimenting the guitar. Good things coming! Favorite track: Feasting on the Souls in the Vortex of Morbid Amphibious Digestion.
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Arch-Vile is:
Charlie Ricketts - Vocals
Nick Perez - Guitar
Keith Romanski - Bass
Mark Boulanger - Drums & Percussion


released February 17, 2015

All Music Written and Recorded by Arch-Vile
All Lyrics Written by Charlie Ricketts
© 2015

Recorded in July, 2014 at QUAD Studios Lakeside.
Produced by Arch-Vile and Maximillian Liebman.
Recorded and Mixed by Maximillian Liebman.
Logos by Lauren Schmidt.
Photo by Keith Romanski.
Cover Refinement by Jess Minzner.
Special Thanks To: Lou Gonzalez, Ben Reinhardt, Jake Thiringer, Josh Gomersall, Nick Manalio, & Overlook 811 2014-2015.



all rights reserved


Arch-Vile Mahwah, New Jersey

We're a metal band located in North Jersey. We're currently looking for shows.

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Track Name: Carrion Troll
Under the cover of night, he comes forth from the crypt
By the absence of light he claims the living and the dead
Celebrating death he collects skins and hides
He is the Carrion Troll

The masses of death
Patrolling the night
Collecting corpses
Snapping of bones
Tearing of flesh
Cracking of skulls
For mercy they cry
Right as they die
Bringer of plagues
Reaper of souls
As he approaches
Your skin turns ice cold
Say your goodbyes
There is no escape
Fodder you are for
The Carrion Troll

Forever will he stalk
Forever shall he feast
No one knows the mystery
of this night crusading beast
Forever he will wander for
the ruin of souls
Track Name: Cremated in Hellfire
Your sins weigh heavily on your soul
No turning back judgment has come
Infernal demons come for you
Eagerly waiting for you to die

Passing through death and hell's domain
Unholy pyres burn for you
Citizens of hell come gather round
to witness your eternal punishment

Cremated in hellfire
You have been damned your skin is charred
Cremated in hellfire
Your screams shall go unheard

Ashes fall from your blackened limbs
Organs exposed your brain is singed
The hellish flames shall never cease
Despite your constant begs and pleads

The lord of hell smiles down on you
Delighting in your suffering
Forever now you'll be
Cremated by the flames
Track Name: Reign of the Barbarian Beast-Men
Far from over the mountains they came
Bearing their hatred, their steel, and their flame
Down the steep mountain slopes they thundered
Eyes cast on villages about to be plundered
Roaring and screaming they bear bloody teeth
Wide open jaws and razor sharp claws
They stand tall above men with hooves on their feet
Thick horns on their heads
They move swiftly and fleet

They come to conquer
They come to kill
The slaying of mankind is their only thrill
In hand they brandish large axes and swords
There is no hiding from these deadly hordes

The humans can’t run or fight for their lives
All will be skinned and gutted with knives
The beast men are here and they smell your fear
Darkness and fire sweep over the land
The domination of man is at hand
The reign of the barbarian beast-men
Track Name: Castle of Perdition
Moonless and starless
The castle peaks the horizon
Storm clouds and lightning
Engulf the land surrounding

Swallowed by moss
The castle lay in ruins
Inside lurks
Unending waves of terror

Castle of perdition
Where the souls remain forever
Castle of perdition
Ruled by an unseen tyrant

Screams of death shall never cease
Cries of agony, plague, disease
Ghouls and shades and hordes of undeath
Wander these halls of impending doom

Bodies are scattered all over the floor
While skeletons hang chained to the walls
and ravenous demon vultures
Consume those who are still alive
Track Name: Feasting on the Souls in the Vortex of Morbid Amphibious Digestion
Storms cracked open the rift in the sky
Those reptiles that came forth we do defy
They hail from the ethereal plane of slime
and march upon humanity to end all time
Seeking vengeance on the world and Earth's desecration
These serpentine lizards slaughter mankind
No choice but to die by this amphibious infestation

They have bodies of green, yellow, orange, and red
Claws sharp as obsidian and horns on their heads
From their mouths they spit black venom
and with their forked tongues lick up the blood of the dead

The lizards lead their armies to war
Such horrors came through that cosmic door
Wielding stone axes, spears, and swords
The human race they vehemently abhor

Their ancestors ruled the world long ago
They return with a reptilian supremacy to bestow
Upon the world with the cause of a second creation
The amphibian lords prepare the alters of stone
and harvest the souls for eternal damnation

In the vortex of digestion the souls are consumed
The stomach of their amorphous god of slime
Four-headed serpents and snakes gather round
Slithering, sliding to a ritual never so sacrosanct
Prehistoric spells and incantations are cast
as the sky slowly turns red

Morbid amphibious digestion ensues
Screaming, the souls are eternally feasted upon
Marking the age of the amphibian dominion
The everlasting reptilian supremacy