Ritual of Creation

by Arch-Vile

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released December 14, 2016

Charlie Ricketts - Vocals
Nick Perez - Guitar
Keith Romanski - Bass
Mark Boulanger – Drums

Guest Musicians
Zachary Howard - Vocals
Dean Scordilis - Vocals
Odoardo Pacella - Vocals
Austin Marcelo – Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Recorded at the Les Paul Studio of RCNJ
Produced by Keith Romanski
Mixed and Mastered by Keith Romanski and Ben Tuhy
Engineered by Keith Romanski, Ben Tuhy, and Joey Galletta
Additional engineering by Ryan McMahon, Chris Ferrante, and Joey Hayek

Band Logo by Lauren Schmidt
Cover Photo by Dean Scordilis
Album Logo by Dean Scordilis

Special Thanks to: Paul Pittman, Ben Neill, Michael Bullock, Ben Reinhardt, and the Les Paul Foundation.

All Music Written and Recorded by Arch-Vile © 2016
All Lyrics Written by Charlie Rickets © 2016



all rights reserved


Arch-Vile Mahwah, New Jersey

We're a metal band located in North Jersey. We're currently looking for shows.

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Track Name: Omen of Vultures
Underneath a moonlit sky
omen of vultures gathers
for the feast
Ceremonial devourement
for the vulture god of death
Resurrect formerly devoured
to take part in the feast
Once more
Undead moans and pleas
for mercy
their skin is torn
and shredded
Hail gods of death
Hail vulture god
For thee I pile high
the corpses
And as the corpses pile
The vultures gather
Track Name: Wastelands
Here I sit trapped inside my mind,
in the rigid landscape and endless
fields of frozen sorrow. Why am I here?
Why am I the one to be excluded
and punished? Alone I sit, in this old
cabin of rotting wood, to avoid the
icy winds breezing through the plains.
Who they are I know not, but
they come to torment and feed
to me the thoughts of death.
At night i hear their ghostly voices,
inaudible chants of mystery, misery,
and emptiness. How i weep for them to
cease, how i cry out for these endless thoughts
of death to end.
Snow falls forever, the frozen winds keep
my frozen sorrow cold. Am i here trapped
forever? Even after death will i be stuck in this
barren wasteland, wandering without a purpose?
Frozen in the core is light and happiness.
But shall I ever break it free?
I only descend deeper into the cold dark
prison of my mind. Forever alone I will wander,
forever alone i will sit, in this rotting log cabin.
Forever more will I suffer and cry sorrowful tears
in this barren frozen wasteland, the wasteland of despondency
Track Name: Zolarentis
Night of Astrualr magic
In dull star light
Ritual of creation
For horrid aberration

Fire lit, chants begin,
Blood given, thrown in
Sacrifice lamb cut off
its head
Slay the lion, take its maw
Sacrifice a man, take his torso
Kill the wolf, claim its claws

All these parts thrown in the
Infernal womb for prince of
The birth of a demon
His name is Zolarentis
Lord of the chimeras of hell